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Herb Robert

Herb Robert

Botanical name: Geranium robertianum

Other names: red robin, death come quickly, felon wort, bloodwort, storksbill, dove's foot, crow's foot, stinky Bob

Uses: Anti-rheumatic, anti-cancer, astringent, diuretic, bladder & gall bladder issues, wound healing, oxygenator

Herb-Robert is a common species of cranesbill native to Europe and parts of Asia, N. America, and Africa. In traditional herbal medicine, it was used to treat nosebleeds and toothaches.

A unique role of Herb-Robert lies in its oxygenation of the cells, thanks to one of its chemical compounds, the obscure element germanium (unrelated to the name of the flower geranium). The dual Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg famously said, "The prime cause of cancer is lack of oxygenation of the cells". By increasing the amount of oxygen available to cells, the immune response is enhanced, enabling the body more efficiently to fight disease and renew itself. Accordingly Herb-Robert is known in Portugal and beyond by doctors and herbalists alike as an extremely effective herbal remedy for both treatment and prevention of cancer. Research has shown that it also lowers blood sugar levels, making it a promising therapeutic agent in cases of diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Herb Robert is used as a remedy for diarrhoea; and also to prevent stone formation, reduce inflammation, and improve functioning of the kidneys, bladder, and gall bladder.

Note: Herb Robert is not to be taken with blood-thinning medications. Since insufficient data is known about the potential side effects of Herb Robert, women who are pregnant or nursing are advised to avoid it, to err on the side of safety.