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To our Magical Community:

We’re in this together. MagicalButter is committed to providing customers and patients access to the tools they need to get through these uncertain times. 

What We’re Doing

We are watching and abiding by CDC guidelines. Our office staff is working from home and our 800 number is still answered with a smile. Our fulfillment team is taking precautions with gloves while handling packages. 

Order Fulfillment

Our warehouse is open and the Magical fulfillment team will continue serving you and shipping until service providers say otherwise. Currently, orders that do not contain pre-order products are shipping and delivering on time. Amazon has been experiencing slight shipping delays in general, including MagicalButter orders.  

Together We Win

Staying home, staying healthy and staying safe is most important. Call your loved ones. Make fresh meals. Take this time to create new things. Make one of grandma’s special recipes. Plant a garden. Together we win.


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